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Hire a Professional Home Organizer

As the owner of Chaos and Heart, Nancy has been organizing homes in the Shallowater & Lubbock, TX for two years

A clean, organized home can go a long way towards reducing stress in your life. It's easy to get your home in order when you work with a skilled home organizer. I started Chaos and Heart to help residents of the Shallowater & Lubbock, TX area alleviate the stress that comes from living with clutter.

Why should you work with Chaos and Heart?

As your personal home organizer, I can create a system that will get you highly organized while taking your individuality into account. No matter the size of your home, being more organized can reduce stress, contact us to learn how I can help create an organizational structure for those in the Shallowater and Lubbock, TX area.

My services include home decluttering, moving organization and home staging services.

I'll go above and beyond to leave your home functioning at its best. Call 806-239-2477 today.